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The Silent Suffering

Since 2020 many people’s lives have been turned upside down. COVID-19 has wreaked havoc in countless ways on our lives. We continue to learn daily regarding this virus. 


We are all familiar with the acute phase; the flu-like symptoms, the runny nose, cough, and congestion. Maybe you experienced loss of smell or loss of taste. Maybe fever was a symptom you endured. We want to help treat this phase and walk alongside you, getting you back on your feet. 


There are treatments available for the acute phase of COVID-19. Here at Hyatt Hydration and Wellness Clinic we are prepared to help you. We use the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) as our main reference for treatment. The quicker you receive a diagnosis and treatment, the quicker you are back to health. 


However, as time has passed, our focus has shifted to the side of COVID-19 that is rarely, if ever discussed. Many times, it is not even acknowledged. Research is proving there is far more to this crowned bug than the acute phase. There are millions suffering in silence. Some suffering for years now with mounds of normal ‘medical’ evidence and zero proof of illness. 

Does this sound familiar to you or someone you know? Deep down you know something is not right. Your body seems to have gone array. Getting through a normal day has become taxing. Things that you used to be able to do with ease, your body is saying ‘no’.


Maybe you have appealed to your primary care provider for relief. Maybe you were even referred to a specialist…or several…depending on your most prominent symptoms. And yet still you have no answer. Your provider truly is trying. They are not giving up on you, but they are just not finding anything to support your symptoms. They have ordered test after test, blood work after blood work. They are fighting for you and are determined to find the answer, only to come up empty…time after time. The only option, they feel, at this point is to give you medication to treat the symptoms you are describing. But there is still a lingering thought of “What is this?” “Am I just receiving a band aid?” 


This is where the frustration and defeat really set in. Medicine seems to be tapped out. You too are completely tapped out. Mentally, emotionally, physically and financially you are done. So, what do you do? You take the medicine and try to ‘get back to normal’ as best as you can. 


Can I give you hope? There is an answer. You are not alone.  

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